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About Me

I'm an ex-president. Middle school president to be exact and I went down as that school's worst class president. I was a bit of a class clown and ran for president as fun joke. I won the hearts of the people by filling my campaign with Sponge-Bob quotes and fart jokes. Surprise surprise, that was enough to win middle school election. Cut to the end of the year and my only actual responsibility, the graduation speech, which I didn't prepare (my dog probably ate it). The teachers gave me a speech to read but as graduation neared, it didn't sit right that my final address wasn't my own. So I did the responsible thing and wrote a secret speech that I was going to reveal during graduation like a made for TV Disney movie. Five minutes before graduation my plans were foiled by my principal who discovered my speech. I was given the choice to read the teacher's speech or none at all, so as the 8th grade martyr I was, I stood silent. The next day was chaos, I brought copies of the speech to school, they spread like wild fire, students were demanding I give that speech, teachers were destroying copies, and I got a detention on the last day of school! Now was it an altruistic rebellion for the sake of the students, or was it just another attention seeking stunt? Who's to say, but that same martyr moved to Los Angeles10 years later with stage-lights in his eyes, so maybe there's your answer!

I studied visual media arts at Emerson College, and when I figured out how difficult it was to use a camera, I decided to stand in front of it. In college, I starred in a few films with genres varying from horror to comedies. Professionally, my work has been mainly in theatre with my latest role as David Nelson in Contemporary Theatre Boston's production of Sticks and Bones. When I'm not acting, I like to golf, play volleyball, and surf.




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